In collaboration with the Scottish Digital Academy, we are working to identify and close digital skills gaps where they exist. Through our partnership, we have established the need for skilling on cyber security, data and service design. Our teams are collaborating to co-construct a package of support, some of which will also be available for the wider public sector.   This package will include:  Cyber security courses, intended to raise the standard of awareness across local government;  A data course on innovation, visualisation and tools;  Service Design Champions course offer;  A local government service design challenge, seeking to embed the Scottish Approach to Service Design into local contexts;  Support to local government on data literacy.  Both The Digital Office and The Scottish Digital Academy will release more information about this package of support over the coming weeks. Verity Hislop, Portfolio Lead, Digital Leadership & Skills says: “Having the appropriate digital leadership and skills within a local authority can improve efficiencies and help the organisation adapt to changing circumstances, focussing on time efficiencies, cost savings, resource, capacity and capability.   We are delighted to continue to work in partnership with the Digital Academy, exploring the opportunities to support public sector organisations, to upskill and personalise learning journeys to meet the needs of employees.”  Lee Dunn, Head of the Scottish Digital Academy says: “Our long-standing relationship with the Digital Office, in supporting digital capability across local government has grown from strength to strength. We’ve explored options to realise the actions outlined within the Digital Strategy, and by doing so, we’ve recognised the need to focus on skills gaps. Although we still have some way to go, I’m delighted to offer funding to implement a considered package of support.” 


The Digital Office for Scottish Local Government is proud to work in partnership with 32 of the 32 Scottish Local Authorities in Scotland. 

We also work closely with key delivery partners including; SOCITM, Scottish Government, the Improvement Service, NHS, SEEMiS and Scotland Excel.