Digital Leadership Elected Members

The Digital Leadership Elected Members project sets out to develop a programme for elected members to increase awareness of how digital transformation is impacting upon service delivery and the needs of our citizens.


The main strands of the project include:

  • - Creating awareness and understanding of digital transformation through developing a digital leadership programme;

  • - Providing examples of how to create elected member leadership and governance of digital in councils to ensure there is adequate scrutiny of decisions on advocacy, ethics, privacy and equality;

  • - Use of the Improvement Service Induction Guide as a framework, how can elected members use digital tools in their role using apps, social media, web based surgeries and understanding their ward using data.


The project is jointly led by the Digital Office, COSLA and the Improvement Service.


Introductory webinar (LIVE)

Webinar providing overview of the project and setting out the meaning of digital transformation.


Baseline Survey (LIVE)

Following a survey issued to all elected members across Scotland, 'The Digital Council - how digital is transforming council services, elected member report' will be produced and released in late February 2019. This will summarise the findings of this survey and will be circulated to all elected members in Scotland.

Officers Workshops (LIVE) 

Workshops for council officers to highlight case studies available from other councils in relation to governance and leadership programme for elected members.


Elected Member Workshops 

Materials/method to hold elected member workshops which other councils can use to explore digital transformation.


Case Studies (LIVE)

Insights into the journeys of councils and their creation and implementation of a digital leadership programme for their elected members.


Leadership Programme 

A programme to raise understanding of digital transformation amongst elected members and will be co-designed with sample of elected members and available to the Partnership. 



Coming soon in Release 5 for this project is the development of a working group of elected members to help co-design the Digital Leadership Elected Member programme co-led by the Digital Office, Improvement Service and COSLA.