As Scottish Local Authorities move towards true “Digital Transformation” and citizens expect an experience with their council, similar to how they engage with their bank, retailer or social media platform, Elected Members roles are evolving to keep up with these citizen demands, whilst also helping support better outcomes through these new services and channels.

Through consultation, several Elected Members have expressed a desire to be more "digitally aware and literate" with their constituents therefore, the Digital Office in conjunction with the Digital Partnership and Improvement Service, have spun up this theme to look at understanding: 

1. What do Elected Members mean when they talk about digital?

2. What do Elected Members need to make more informed choices and scrutiny around their Council’s delivery of digital services?

3. What do Elected Members require to measure impact of digital ways of working in their constituencies?

4. How can we help fill knowledge gaps and support those Elected Members who are “Digital Champions” and “Digital Leads” for their Councils?

We have already had requests presented to us about how they can make better decision making using digital data from services and systems and how they can improve their own data literacy to help with designing services and solutions.

In this co-designed programme we intend to:

- Help create awareness of the positive outcomes digital could have for Elected Members and their constituents;

- Educate and inform how digital is crucial to the success of delivering front line services in a more efficient and cost effective way;

- Inform Elected Members on finding more uses from valuable data and statistics available within their Local Authority.

To assist in the understanding of the needs and requirements of this project, we have created a 'Marketing Pack'. 

View Marketing Pack

Once you have read through this pack, we would encourage anyone wanting to get involved to complete our registration form and the team will be in touch to begin this collaboration.