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While many of us have been banging on about the importance of data for a while now, the current pandemic has allowed data practitioners to demonstrate at both a local and national level just how valuable and important data is in the delivery of vital services across the public sector.


For the first time we have been able to show people the link between strategic and operational use of data as tangible standout cases for data are coming to the forefront, as a result of COVID-19.


Over the past few months we have been using data to:


·       Identify and protect our most vulnerable citizens;


·       Manage the distribution of vital food and medicine to those shielding;


·       Support local businesses through the delivery of lifeline business grants;


·       Deliver easy-to-use citizen facing apps which show the location of critical services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, education hubs for key workers and foodbanks.


Introduction to Data Task Force


Given the challenges that we have been faced with during the pandemic, data has united Local Government like nothing else before.


We have a strong community and through unprecedented collaboration over the last 4 months we have developed a data ecosystem model which shows how we can fully utilise data to deliver improved public services.


The model is underpinned by individual council development squads which each focus on a different data driven initiative which will deliver valuable insight to inform strategic polices as well as operational decision making across local authorities.


To date, we have 5 concurrent AGILE development squads working to deliver outcomes across vulnerability, healthcare, social care, education and economic recovery.


These squads are supported by a further 3 cross council teams:


·       Advisory Group - this team owns the product backlog, provides support and guidance;


·       Capability Squad - produces suite of templates to support documentation of development squads and enable future deployment, common development principles and standards;


·       Data Drive Squad - facilitates knowledge sharing across the Partnership and generates requirements for backlog.


Together we can use data to improve service delivery and shape public services of the future.

We have been delighted to produce the first blog of many for the new ‘Driven By Data’ communications campaign which will underpin data expertise across Local Government.


Kimberley Hose
Product Manager, Digital Partnership Driven by Data Squad 
Business Intelligence Lead, Glasgow City Council