Digital Telecare

Digital Telecare has been exploring the scope of benefits of switching the current telecare provision across Scotland from an analogue based system via traditional telephony connections to a digital service.

The Digital Office for Scottish Local Government has been leading this work with the Scottish Government's Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme and in collaboration with COSLA, Improvement Service and SCTT since it commenced in April 2017.




If you have any further questions on the programme, deliverables or any other aspects of Digital Telecare in Scotland, please email or call 0141 282 2284.



Webinar Series

A Digital Telecare Webinar Series has been launched with the intention to share knowledge and help with the transition from analogue to digital telecare in your area. We are planning on covering a range of topics in the forthcoming months and would like your suggestions on topics that would benefit and help you.




If you would like more information on a specific topic, please send your suggestions to or subscribe to the Digital Office updates where future webinars will be promoted.


Case Studies

Insight into the journeys of organisations undertaking the Digital Telecare journey.


National Products & National Central Repository

Guidance notes have been developed using expertise from the Digital Telecare Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to capture learning from our early discovery activity. Hosting and sharing of this information will be central to our next phase activity to ensure these materials are accessible and engaging. Some examples of completed outputs include:

  • - Action Plan for Transition to Digital Telecare

  • - Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Technical Risk Assessment

  • - Cyber Security Questionnaire

  • - Data Collection Template

  • - Telecare IP Standards for Analogue to Digital Telecare

  • - Go Live Checklist

All relevant documentation will be published on our Knowledge Hub in due course.




National Digital Telecare Event - The Journey - October 2018