Digital Transformation Capabilities

The Digital Transformation Capabilities project aims to develop mindset, methods and associated capabilities to support the creation of good public services – a common language for transforming services.


Other digital leadership projects set out the vision for transformation however this needs to be underpinned by clear methods, design literacy standards and the capability and capacity to drive real transformation.


Many best practice capabilities for digital transformation have been evidenced in the private sector and public sector e.g. the Government Digital Service, that put the focus for digital transformation on the user experience and service design.


Councils have been using a range of change management practices which have been largely process led. However this project is about transforming not changing services therefore the approaches being used are mostly service or outcome led using methods such as Service Design, Open Innovation and Agile. The service led approaches focuses on citizens and are well suited to re-designing services from an outside-in perspective where a lot of engagement is required with citizens (this is true “transformation”). The outcome led approaches tend to focus on solving big civic challenges where no obvious solutions exist and a more speculative approach is needed. 



Series of events (LIVE)
Events to stimulate interest, participation and to disseminate learning and resources from the project. 


Provision of templates, case studies, methods and standards.


Community of Interest (Live)
Meet-ups to develop networks for learning, sharing and mentoring from across different services e.g. IT, HR, change, policy, customer services and digital. 


Leadership Programme
Materials/workshops to raise awareness of importance of transformation methods at senior leadership level (link to digital skills).


Case Studies
Live examples of using these methods.


All Methods Conference
To showcase case studies and show links between different methods.


Model for Capacity Building
How can we build capacity for digital transformation, what professional roles we need and what resources do we have to upskill (linked to digital skills project).



Coming soon in Release 4 is introductory leaflets, online playbook (providing link between methods, resources and case studies for each stage), mentoring and support and innovation capacity building.