Digital Maturity

The Digital Maturity Leadership Model provides a baseline on where local authorities are in their digital transformation journey by capturing the views of their full leadership team and what opportunities exist moving forward.

An introductory workshop or meeting is held to explain out the purpose of the model to the senior management team with a sample CMT report also available.


Face-to-face interviews are carried out with senior managers followed by online surveys which are distributed within the organisation to other layers of management (which is discretionary). There are 3 different question sets available for use, these are aimed at managers, head teachers and elected members.

An analysis is then carried out by the Digital Office and feedback work-shops are held with senior managers on the results and a detailed digital road map is produced. The individual council results are confidential and no league table is defined however information on opportunities and best practice is shared across the Partnership.


A "how digitally mature is local government" report will be updated and shared to highlight opportunities and promote collaboration at a national level.


Councils who want to use the digital maturity model should contact info@digitaloffice.scot 


The Digital Maturity Model

A framework based on the Local Government Digital Strategy that provides the journey to digital leadership maturity.


Range of Questionnaires 

Consistent question sets for leadership, elected members and head teachers to assess digital maturity and to identify opportunities. These are confidential and only provided to councils carrying out the assessment. 


CMT reports, presentations and templates 

Reports which explain the model and methodology and introductory workshops which set digital transformation in context.


Key themes and best practice report

  • - Report 1: Explains the model and methodology

  • - Report 2: “How digitally mature is local government”


Community of experts and insight knowledge (LIVE)

Network of expertise identified in various key areas of digital transformation who can lead and support the Partnership network of peer interviewers in place. 




Alan Milliken, Head of Communities and People at Stirling Council


Stuart Ritchie, Head of Corporate and Housing Services at Falkirk Council