Cyber Security Review

Both the Scottish Government and UK Government have Cyber Security strategies that set expectations for local government in Scotland.


Our Cyber Security Review aims to provide a joined up and consistent approach to both the UK and Scottish Cyber Resilience Strategies across the Local Government Digital Partnership. We will seek to benchmark practices across the sector, developing a joined-up action plan for improving cyber security at a sector level in line with UK and Scottish action plans.


The project will offer up a set of recommendations for improving cyber security practices, developing a set of actions specific to Local Government Research and Innovation.


Cyber Security Maturity Model

Development (or procurement) of a maturity model for evaluation cyber security practices


Compliance Matrix for UK and Scottish Cyber Security strategies

Development of a compliance matrix for measuring compliance with UK and Scottish Cyber Security Strategies.


A sector-wide evaluation of Cyber Security and compliance with UK and Scottish strategies

A complete sector-wide review/audit of cyber security using the maturity model and compliance matrices that will provide a sector-wide view of maturity and compliance, and individual councils with their own view of maturity and compliance.


A list of common standards and guidance

The identification of the common standards and guidance that will be required for local government.


Toolkit Requirements

A set of requirements for establishing (or procuring) a toolkit for standards and guidance for implementing GDPR.